I had women asking me about how I got into remote work all of the time, and looking to me for advice on how to do the same! I know there are a lot of women out there with similar questions, so why not help as many people as possible? 🙂

RemotelyPossible (RP) is for women who are currently looking for remote work, or looking to optimize their remote work lifestyle… but to clarify:

– “Women” is used in the broadest possible sense, and mostly for conciseness.
– It’s my hope that non-binary folks feel welcome and included here as well.
– I recognize that anyone (of any gender) in an Under Represented Minority (URM) group faces a lot of similar challenges, and will tend to look for many of the same things that I prioritize here (good diversity track records, holistic benefits, etc). I hope that anyone looking for those types of jobs finds value here also.
– Realistically, anyone is welcome to sign up for any of RemotelyPossible’s non-community offerings, no matter what demographic.
– Due to the need for safe spaces, any RP communities will be limited to women and non-binary only.

Carefully! You’ll only find job postings from companies that I’ve personally verified have:

– Good life-friendly policies: things like generous PTO, good parental leave, good insurance, retirement plans, etc
– Good diversity-friendly policies: like sharing diversity numbers publicly, having employee resource groups, or other diversity plans in place
– Good overall reputation: as a serious and legit company that’s at least pleasant to work for (see below)

We use Glassdoor heavily, and we do a lot of snooping around on company websites, diversity-related forums, and employee blogs. We don’t make decisions based on articles from sites like Business Insider without confirming the story elsewhere, since we’re interested in facts and not click-bait. We do a lot of research so you don’t have to!

To be clear: No company is perfect. There are many companies that have had diversity mess-ups in the past. If they seem to put some serious effort into trying to fix the problem, we’ll include them here. If they don’t seem to put in serious effort, we won’t.

Presence on a job list of ours is not a guarantee you would have an amazing experience there, and you still need to do your due diligence. Even at the best companies, your experience will greatly depend on your personal manager. Please make sure you are interviewing the company in addition to them interviewing you! 

 All of that said, if you have any concerns about a company we list jobs from, please email us directly at info (at) so we can look into it.

The answer is sometimes, but not often. The reason is that RemotelyPossible is committed to only posting jobs from legitimate companies that are forward-thinking and people-centric, and have the life- and diversity-friendly features mentioned above. These companies tend to post mostly full-time positions, so that’s mostly what you’ll see here. If they *do* post a part-time or contract position on their Jobs site, I’ll be sure to include that in the weekly newsletter as well, since I know a lot of people are interested in those!

We’re really selective about who we work with since these jobs are going out to women (and other URMs) that are looking for specific diversity- and life-friendly policies. That said, if you think the answers to the above FAQ describes you, we’d LOVE to chat! Email employers (at) and we’ll get the process started!


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