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Whether you’re just starting to dream about finding a remote job, or you've been searching for a while and are ready to make that dream a reality, we’re here to help you find and *land* a remote job that will help you create a career that supports your LIFE, instead of the other way around! Through free resources, in-depth courses, and a newsletter specially crafted with women in mind, we’ll help you ramp up your skills and give you insights into company culture, benefits, and remote life at companies worth working for!


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What’s the story?

Hey there! I’m Rucheli Berry, a remote-work advocate who’s been answering questions from other women about how to get started in a remote job for years! After contrasting the questions I’ve gotten with the conversations I’ve had with my male remote coworkers, I realized that remote life just means something different to us. We’re looking for a different kind of life-balance and for different reasons!

I created RemotelyPossible to help other women find their dream life… because work is just one part of it, and we all deserve to be at a company that cares and supports us a whole human being instead of just a cog in the machine <3

In my 9-5 life, I’m a remote-worker in the Customer Support field, and I've worked at companies like GitHub and Plaid, from the comfort of my own home! (Or coffee shop. Or beach chair.) I’m also the proud mom of three adorable and rambunctious little ones, and I love that working remotely gives me the opportunity to build a meaningful career while being able to be there for my family. Oh, and the lack of commute is great too 😉

So why don’t you join me on this work-anywhere journey? If you need help, just respond to any of the newsletters, or get in touch via the contact page. I’m here for you, and I can’t wait to see what you can do when your job and your life work together!

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